Tuesday, 20 January 2015

What a Wonderful World

Thank you to Playing for Change for bringing this fantastic song into our classroom. Students in year 3 and 4 have sung and danced this beautiful song to celebrate Peace Day at school.
They have learned a lot as students of English as a second language. This song has also inspired us to write about our wonderful world and below is the result of our work.

We just love it!!!!

We see friends playing cars.
We see friends playing football.
We see friends shaking hands.
We see people hugging and kissing.
We see the rainbow and we see love.
We see our families and we see home.
We see happy boys and girls.
We see books and we see lions and elephants reading.
We see our school. 
We see yellow, green, blue and red flowers. We see plants.
We see planes and helicopters.
We see continents. We see happy people.
We see red trees. We see a yellow sky.
We see stars.

We see the world in PEACE!!!!

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