Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Every Day is Peace Day

Every 30th January we celebrate Peace Day at school but we know that 'Every Day is Peace Day' and that good manners, sharing, love, a smile, playing fair ... are happy ways of making Peace possible.

Students in year 1 and 2 of Primary wrote about what Peace is. This activity is an idea based on 'The Peace Book' written by Todd Parr.

Peace is ...

Peace is playing with dolls and teddys.
Peace is playing cars and cowboys.
Peace is playing football.
Peace is sharing.
Peace is love.
Peace is helping others.
Peace is kissing.
Peace is hugging. 
Peace is a happy girl or boy.
Peace is looking at the stars.
Peace is a high five.
Peace is painting.
Peace is sailing and rollerblading.
Peace is recycling.
Peace is a friend.
Peace is gardening.
Peace is a rainbow.
Peace is silence.
Peace is a present. 

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